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A necklace of elf butts…a library full of comic books…a new family…apology notes already written? Concocted with a double dose of sass, Evan’s unusual Christmas list probably surprises even Santa.

EVAN BRAIN’s Christmas List and Other Shenanigans continues cataloging Evan’s nefarious stunts and capers that first scandalized sincere and unimaginative readers in EVAN BRAIN! Adventures of a Delusional Kid Superhero.

The six funny, original stories are initially presented by Evan’s longsuffering mother, then followed by Evan’s fantasy rendering of the incident. Here’s a sampling of Evan’s bizarre creative vision...

Evan refashions Evan’s Christmas List into a recipe for Esteemed Overlord Qarqaxa, a benevolent sci fi version of Santa by whom children can’t wait to be eaten. Here Evan diligently suggests the best preparation for his delectable self, after which he expectantly takes his place in the hors d’oeuvre line.

Esteemed Overlord Qarqaxa, I go rather well with a bit of paprika and dash of lemon, doused liberally with hollandaise sauce and a gravy made from the blood of a thousand virgins, possibly with fava beans and a nice Chianti on the side. Shake to death and bake.

In "Evan and Quasimodo," Evan’s mother doesn’t tolerate permanent pets,but allows pet sitting so her children can "live vicariously through the pets of others." Mr. and Mrs. C went on a trip and left their two Namerax Lakewolves. Evan liked the one named Quasimodo. Quasi was scruffy looking, with a homely, scrunched up face and one eye that shot laser beams. Pkew pkew! Evan told Mr. C that he looked like Quasi. For some reason Evan had to write an apology note.

When Ultron the tooth fairy leaves Evan’s tooth behind in “Evan and the Tooth Fairy,” Evan decrees Ultron has disgraced him for the last time. Dear Ultron, I will meet you in battle in a fortnight. Prepare your finest wenches as my victory trophies. Love, Evan Brain.

In other stories, Evan wonders if his cousin with the neck scar had a head transplant, considers a veterinarian for his next doctor visit, and of course, writes insincere apology notes.

This 64-page full color, perfect bound book, suitable for ages 8 to 80, sells for $15.95. Publication date for Evan Brain’s Christmas List and Other Shenanigans is October 2008. Distribution is through AtlasBooks, 800.BOOKLOG (800.266.5564), Learn more about the obstreperous Evan and his alien family at and YouTube video, EVAN BRAIN Delusional Kid Superhero.


DALLAS – At age 15, Evan Doyle just wants to hang out and play on the computer. His ruthless mother Eve Becker-Doyle was having none of that. She was determined to have her recalcitrant son do something productive for a change. So she made him co-author and illustrate EVAN BRAIN! Adventures of a Delusional Kid Superhero, the earliest memoirs of a superhero on record to date.

Evan depicts this cruel and unusual treatment in a funny, offbeat drawing (page 61). His alien red-and-green-hued mother is flailing his hide with a gargantuan whip. A disgruntled Evan takes his licks, unceremoniously draped over a “torture rock.” This adroit play on words is characteristic of the sly ingenuity of Evan’s work.

“The term highly unmotivated has been applied to Evan,” said Becker-Doyle, CEO of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, the Dallas-based membership organization for certified athletic trainers. “My son is a remarkably talented fantasy writer and a gifted cartoonist. Sometimes he just needs a little encouragement… well, all the time actually.”

This is the first time a mother and son (albeit unwillingly) have teamed up to author a book of this kind. The delightful outcome of this mother’s vision for her offspring’s creative calling? A unique, compelling, out-of-the-box and wildly zany book that captures the imagination of readers of all ages.

A reader only of comics and science fiction, Evan may have been irrevocably warped by self-imposed Calvin immersion at an impressionable age. “In the Bleachers” syndicated cartoonist Steve Moore described this skewed perception after reading the book: “Evan is a very distinct character with a cockeyed/sometimes villainous view of the world.”

The 64-page full color, perfect bound EVAN BRAIN! sells for $13.95, and is distributed through Atlas Books. EVAN BRAIN! branded greeting cards and promotional products are available through the publisher’s web site,

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