Burning question about EVAN BRAIN

What will Evan do when he grows up?

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Eve:  I hope I won’t have to tell people my son lives in a gated community and works for the government.

Tory: Test video games.

Colin: Live at home with his parents.


Evan’s muse has not yet kicked in (she may start kicking him soon though).

The alien family of artists

A talented artist with a published book of photographs, Barry inherited his capacity for creative visual expression from his mother Audrey. This gene was successfully transmitted to Evan, devilish cartoonist, and the two aliens in the household. Tory, whose passion is fashion, is an accomplished fashion illustrator of her own creations. Many of her designs have morphed into greeting cards. Colin is a photographer and a painter of larger-than-life-size acrylic portraits.

Poor Eve. She married into the family, and having no artistic relations, came up zero on the art meter.

Who are these aliens?

(Weird, gigantic, scary and funny, according to Evan)

In EVAN BRAIN! Evan depicts Barry muttering about apples and attired in an outfit (a dress? a shift? a kimono? Sumo wrestler garb? who knows?) decorated with green apples. This pictorial representation acknowledges Barry’s total devotion and commitment to things Macintosh. He is a Mac enthusiast. If you have a Mac question, Barry can answer it. If the Mac breaks, he won’t rest easy (= he’s in a black funk) until he’s fixed it… especially if it’s his Mac. And if Macintosh makes it, we’ve probably got at least one around the house. If there’s something new, he’ll be first in line to buy it. To Barry, Mac is where it’s at.

Barry’s blog: Aeolian Dissonance

(peaceful, hardworking, cruel and odd, according to Evan)

In her day job, Eve is executive director of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, the membership organization for certified athletic trainers. She says athletic trainers are the nicest people in the world. They are a welcome respite to her three terrible children, who stand by their claim that their job is to drive her crazy. This responsibility, unlike their schoolwork, is one the brain aliens take seriously.

(tall, strong, mean, hilarious, according to Evan)

A college guy, Colin likes the ladies. As the bad boy's big brother, Colin has done some not-all-that-nice, older brother kind of stuff to Evan Brain when the Brain was younger. On one occasion when the parental units were AWOL, Colin put Evan in a trash can. On another, he christened Evan "Harry Houdini," wrapped him in a sheet and tied rope around him. Colin wanted to see if Evan would escape. He didn't.
Colin's Art

(slow, large, girly and annoying, according to Evan)

Tory is sometimes grumpy, but she does not have a pig nose or straggly hair. She's a college girl whose passion is fashion.

When she's home she hangs out in her bedroom, which is painted a color called Cupid. Since she avoids cleaning at all costs, walking through it can be hazardous.

A Harry Potter devotée, Tory has read each book in the series multiple times.

(cool, smart, funny and muscley, according to his own designation)

Evan has resisted self description or elaboration to date, especially if it involves doing anything other than sleeping. Check back in case he receives inspiration or inclination.