EVAN BRAIN! Adventures of a Delusional Kid Superhero

EVAN BRAIN! Adventures of a Delusional Kid Superhero catalogs the hilarious antics and stunts of Evan Doyle, who at age 15 illustrated and co-authored this entertaining book with his long-suffering mother, Eve Becker-Doyle.

Parents will enjoy Becker-Doyle's wit and understated humor as she describes Evan's unfortunate encounters with educators, babysitters and family members whose patience is pushed to the limit: Evan didn't lack for brains, although his father pointed out he didn't put them to good use much.

Kids will revel in Evan’s fantasy accounts of each story, chock full of a bizarre cadre of creatures…Orphax Jackalopes that jump around the backyard like popcorn and a kindergarten teacher known as the evil hag Torblax Mugtulla…When the computer cable is cut and Evan gives a classmate a new 'do, the semester substitute goes home with a migraine never to return. The evil overlord known as the principal allows Evan to enjoy a three-day vacation. And, not surprisingly, another evil hag wants to stew Evan in the juices of a Garblaxian Fireworm.

These funny, original stories punctuated by Evan’s clever and imaginative cartoon drawings, actual apology notes, and disgruntled teacher letters to his parents, comprise the cornerstone book of the series and establish the EVAN BRAIN! brand.

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Evan Brain's Christmas List and Other Shenanigans: Boy Warrior Fights Evil

EVEN SANTA HAS NEVER SEEN A LIST LIKE THIS! A bee’s butt? A library full of comic books? A new family? Other good books but not stupid or girly ones? Apology notes already written? The real Hobbes?

Parents, kids and anyone with a sense of humor: Buy this split personality book while you can still find copies on the shelf! The psychosis results from the co-authors’ differing perceptions of the world.

In Evan Brain's Christmas List and Other Shenanigans, Evan’s mother recounts six of her quirky son’s real life misadventures. Evan’s Boy Warrior Fights Evil stories present a fantasy view of these events, depicting Evan’s heroic struggles in his epic battle to subjugate the forces of evil.

For starters, Evan refashions his Christmas list from the lead story into a list of recipe ingredients to enhance his consumption by Esteemed Overlord Qarqaxa, a benevolent sci fi version of Santa by whom children can’t wait to be eaten. Evan diligently suggests the best preparation for his delectable self, then expectantly takes his place in the hors d’oeuvre line. But alas, Evan is passed over by the Overlord, who has apparently sated his appetite with all the churlish children he can stomach. Poor Evan has to wait his turn until next year.

In other chapters, Evan drafts a disgruntled letter to the tooth fairy, decides Mensa members have enough smarts to buy their fish in the store rather than “clean” it (a disgusting practice), wonders if his cousin with the neck scar had a head transplant, considers a veterinarian for his next doctor visit, declares he wants a tattoo of Calvin, and of course, writes insincere apology notes.

Click here to view a chapter from Evan Brain’s Christmas List and Other Shenanigans: Boy Warrior Fights Evil. The first part is Eve’s story. The corresponding boy warrior fantasy by Evan follows. (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Evan Brain Meets Midas the Penny Pincher

(Coming Soon) This fun, captivating book is the first of several that tackle the essential life skill of financial literacy. It is NOT an educational book. At least that ‘s what Evan says, since he has no interest in reading or illustrating educational books, or in learning stuff his mother thinks is important.

Evan Brain Meets Midas the Penny Pincher is all about money. Along with the entertaining and outrageous antics of the incorrigible Evan Brain, the book has lots of funky factoids like what weighs more, a penny or a hummingbird? How do you foil a counterfeiter? How is money made? What is a numismatist? Evan offers unique and offbeat perceptions about the miserly King Midas, an old guy who knows how to save money.

Click Here to view exerpts from the book. (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Evan Brain and the Christmas Rat

(Coming Soon) Evan Brain and the Christmas Rat is a true story. On Christmas Eve with the family gathered for a family dinner, a rat leapt out of the toilet to wreak havoc and mayhem. Sounds gross, and it was, but it certainly livened up our quiet holiday celebration.

Each member of Evan’s alien family illustrates and provides an eyewitness account of the incident in Evan Brain and the Christmas Rat. Well, not everyone. Since Eve can’t draw to save her life, she made the Becker-Doylettes illustrate her chapter. Naturally they did this graciously and with great enthusiasm.

The rat didn’t provide any illustrations either since his account comes from beyond the grave. One point of clarification – the rat was not related to the Becker-Doylettes. We don’t know if the rat could draw.

Click Here to view exerpts from the book, perspectives of other family members. (Requires Acrobat Reader)